On Monday, I did how to be hilarious which was really fun. We did a few different games and we did a small play. I was in it, and I was the Messenger. Silas was the king micah was the prince, and sophia w was the queen. It was really fun and funny. We did change up and we did the technology discussion and we still haven’t finished it.  I also did TP shuffle it was really fun. That day we had to order ourselves by age. We succeeded but it took a few tries.

On Tuesday, I did Ticket to Ride with Vivian, David and Florent (they were visitors). We did not get to finish the game. We did the surprise party for Connor. Me, nicole, micah, and mike went on a hike in the bog we found some bones in the field.   And we went to the pond where we found the tadpole eggs and we looked at salamander eggs.

Today I did Ticket to RIde with Vivian, alyssa, grace, and May played for a little bit. But in the end, it was me and vivian who finished. Vivian won. Today was really fun I am really excited for what I’m going to do tonight. I am going to a sleepover!


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